Ink Review: J.Herbin Gris Nuage


Paper: Rhodia 80g

Pen: Lamy Joy Calligraphy 1.1mm

This is a beautiful grey coloured ink. In my rather wet Lamy, it provides a moderate flow and brings out a dark grey colour. It is not a very dark grey – but it can be easily read and is not too light. However, in a pen with a smaller nib size, it tends to be a lighter shade of grey.

It is not the most saturated ink and therefore exhibits a lot of shading, ranging as the name suggests, from a dark storm cloud colour to a light grey. There is no feathering or bleeding on this smooth 80g Rhodia paper, nor have I seen any on cheap copy paper.

This is not a waterproof ink – not many Herbin inks are. It has a slow dry time – of around 5 seconds. This time is on Rhodia paper which has a layer that the ink sits upon. I would expect the dry time to be a lot quicker on more absorbent paper. The ink has been sitting in my pen for at least three days and there have been no problems.

It would probably not be very suitable for business use, but it is lovely for personal notes.

Color: 10/10 (I LOVE the colour grey!)

Flow: 8/10

Saturation: 3/10

Feathering or bleeding: None

Shading: 9/10

Overall rating: 8/10

Sorry for the shadow!


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  1. Nicely done! Welcome to blogging, and good luck with things as you get launched.

    I haven’t tried this ink, but grey ink is what led me to fountain pens. I love it, even if I haven’t ever found the perfect shade.

  2. I’d love to try some more grey inks – the Diamine Grey doesn’t look too bad.

  3. Check out Iroshizuku’s Kiri Same for a really nice grey ink. (I talked about it here:

    1. I’ll definitely check it out! Thanks!

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